Curriculum & Courses

Critical areas of training and development we cover include:

  • Presentation and Public Speaking SkillsProduct Management Boot Camp
  • Time Management & Organizational Skills
  • Sales Training & Selling on Value Skills
  • Supervisory & Management Skills
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Enhanced Negotiation Skills
  • Product Management
  • Technical RF & Microwave Skills

Singer Executive Development has the following courses as building blocks:

For a list of our technical training courses, please see our Technical Training page.

We can work with you to provide specific training and development programs in areas such as presentations skills, negotiation skills, time management, sales, marketing and profit maximization. We use an interactive process to accelerate the learning process and assure you and your team have the skill sets to achieve peak business performance. Effective leaders make strong decisions. Make the decision to be successful by calling Singer Executive Development today.


“Executive training is a critical part of our Rapid Systems’ ongoing career development program. Utilizing Singer Executive Development has accelerated our program and added tremendous value to our organization. The staff is completely excited about taking the next training course and tools learned in the courses were utilized the very next day! Employee morale is up, managers are working closer together than ever before and profit is on the move in the right direction.” – Dustin Jurman, CEO Rapid Systems Corporation

“Andy Singer is a dynamic and motivational speaker and trainer. He has an ability to translate his experience and success as a leader into a strong and enjoyable learning experience for executives, managers and employees. His unique ability to connect with employees at all levels while presenting and to capture their attention assures your team will learn new skills and more importantly, walk away feeling motivated and ready to implement new and effective ideas. By using Singer Executive Development for your training and development needs, you and your team will achieve new levels of performance and success.” – Ralph Phillips, President & CEO at Channel Technologies Group

Additional testimonials for Singer Executive Development can be found on our testimonial page.