Master of Time℠ – Time Management Training

Time Management Training & Time Management Seminars to Improve Time Management Skills

Looking for time management training? Time waits for no one, but with Master of Time℠ time management training from Singer Executive Development you will learn to master your universe and greatly enhance your time management skills. Busy managers and executives need to work as productively and efficiently as possible. Master of Time – time management training will teach you how to better organized and productive each day.

Areas covered by Master of Time – time management training include:

  • An introduction to time and time managementTime Management Training
  • The power of time management
  • Understanding the “time matrix”
  • Avoiding the time bandits
  • Setting & achieving goals
  • Getting organized
  • Tools & systems for being organized
  • Managing Priorities
  • Project management optimization
  • Staying focused & taking action

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You can not change time; you can only change your behavior – Andy Singer