The Art of Profitability℠

Is your business, company or department struggling to be profitable? Are you struggling to control costs and develop effective cost reduction strategies? Your not alone, as many companies often struggle with profitability and cash flow. Our team at Singer Executive Development has significant experience with “turning-around” unprofitable situations and correcting poor and even negative cash flow. We have combined this experience and years of research into one of our newest core skill set trainings The Art of Profitability. This is our most analytical course where rigorous analysis meets common sense. In addition to learning about and reviewing key factors that influence total cost and, we teach strategies and tactics to intelligently control these costs and optimize return on company investments(ROI).  We then dive into the strategy and tactics of pricing and learn how strategic pricing can be one of the most effective tools to optimize profitability and achieve company goals. The Art of Profitability℠ also reviews the cash flow cycle and provides tips and tools to manage this cycle to assure positive cash flow for your business. The course concludes with a review of certain profit models that have been utilized by numerous companies in different industries to provide insight into profit models that may help achieve greater success for you and your company. Go large with your goals and profits by utilizing Singer Executive Development and The Art of Profitability.