Testimonials from our clients let you know about the experience others have had with our training & development programs:

“Executive training is a critical part of our Rapid Systems’ ongoing career development program. Utilizing Singer Executive Development has accelerated our program and added tremendous value to our organization. The staff is completely excited about taking the next training course and tools learned in the courses were utilized the very next day! Employee morale is up, managers are working closer together than ever before and profit is on the move in the right direction.” – Dustin Jurman, CEO Rapid Systems Corporation

“Andy Singer is a dynamic and motivational speaker and trainer. He has an ability to translate his experience and success as a leader into a strong and enjoyable learning experience for executives, managers and employees. His unique ability to connect with employees at all levels while presenting and to capture their attention assures your team will learn new skills and more importantly, walk away feeling motivated and ready to implement new and effective ideas. By using Singer Executive Development for your training and development needs, you and your team will achieve new levels of performance and success.” – Ralph Phillips, President & CEO at Channel Technologies Group

“Much of the training we have received in the past from others has been vendor propaganda cloaked in product training, but Andy from Singer Executive Development’s unique presentation style, subject competency and years of real world experience in microwave antenna systems really connected with our team. Each person I spoke with who attended the training had actionable steps to improve our installation techniques.” – Pat McCauley, Director of Operations, MapleNet Wireless, Inc.

“The microwave antenna and radio system training class we attended last week was well worth the time invested. The content was really good and the instructor, Andy Singer, did a most excellent job. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and kept the class interesting. I highly recommend using him for training. ” – George, IT Field Ops Tech, Major Power Utility.

“I was searching for a comprehensive sales training program to strengthen my sales team’s selling skills, develop new skills for team members, and create new ideas on how to sell in a competitive wireless telecom market. SED provided a customized sales training curriculum to fit our needs while making the training session fun and interactive for all attendees. I have seen immediate results from the sales team members from developing new sales team members with the “Back to the basics” course, accelerating our sales focus to become more of a solutions based sales team with the “Solution Selling” course and developing better skills for managing time in the “Master of Time” time management course.” – Jonathan Shawhart, Vice President Sales, Hutton Communications

“Andy has the best understanding of what is needed to run a business . After 30 years of doing it, it is nice to see someone with good sensible ideas that can be adapted to any business small or large.” – Paul Maiolo, Owner-Operator, DM Bath & Kitchen, Inc.

“This was a great class. Now I know why to do things rather than just do them and not understand why. This was an excellent overview of path design, installation, antenna performance and trouble shooting. The pace was just right and we enjoyed the absence of “death by PowerPoint.” I would recommend this training for both new and experienced team members.” – Ryan, Telecom Technician, Major Power Utility.

“As we looked to refocus our business the Executive leadership team determined that it would be necessary equip the Product Management Team with proper training.  Singer Executive Development’s Product Management Boot Camp provided a strong foundation for the team to build on, offered the right tools for our Product Team to strengthen their skills and helped elevate the team to focus on the key strategic initiatives that are most important to the company today.”  – Jonathan Shawhart, Vice President Marketing, Hutton Communications

“Singer Executive Development recently completed a basic electronics training course for our technicians. From the start the team at SED worked with us to optimize the course for our specific needs. What really impressed me was the balance that SED used by expertly mixing hands-on lab exercises using real electrical circuits with an engaging presentation style that reinforced learning of key concepts. This is not just a check the box training. Its real, practical training with valuable take-aways for the entire class regardless of prior experience.” – Gene Crusie, President, MapleNet Wireless

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