Microwave Antenna Installation & Alignment Book

Microwave Antenna Installation & Alignment

Microwave Antenna Installation & Alignment is the definitive guide to microwave radio antenna systems. All aspects of microwave antennas are covered including selecting, installing, aligning, optimizing and troubleshooting microwave antennas and antenna systems. It is the de facto industry standard.

What the industry experts say about Microwave Antenna Installation & Alignment:

“Andy has managed to effectively combine the art and science of microwave antenna installation in a simple, engaging and informative style. He has distilled a career full of real world microwave experience into a easy to read and follow technical book that will certainly become the de facto standard for technical training of managers, technicians and engineers. This book contains all of the information you wish you could pass on to every one of your field technicians and engineers and will be required reading for all of our new employees, both technical and non.”   – Gene Crusie, President, MapleNet Wireless

“Engineers who design microwave systems and the technicians that install and maintain them can use this kind of information Andy imparts. I expect you’ll find this book a reference you use time and time again.”  – Don Bishop, Executive Editor and Associate Publisher, AGL Maagzine

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