Singer Executive Development Expands Microwave Radio Systems Training

Singer Executive Development Expands Microwave Radio Systems Training

Microwave Radio Systems Training provides an in-depth understanding of digital microwave radio communications systems and antennas. This expanded microwave training course teaches the basic theory and techniques your team requires for microwave radio systems planning and implementation.

Microwave radio systems and networks provide reliable point-to-point communications utilized for many applications. This class seeks to provide your team with the required knowledge and ability to successfully understand and design digital microwave radio systems. Engineers, technicians and managers will all benefit from this three-day microwave radio system-training course. It is recommended that students attend our Microwave Antenna System Basics, Installation & Alignment course prior to this training.

Andy Singer, President of Singer Executive Development stated – “Our newly expanded three-day microwave radio systems training course covers all aspects of microwave radio system design and planning. Importantly, we are not a manufacturer, so our training is not biased. We focus on teaching skills, not selling products. This expanded microwave radio systems training is a key part of our growing list of technical training classes.”

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