Singer Executive Development Announces RF Safety Training

RF Safety Training

 Singer Executive Development Announces RF Safety Awareness Training

Singer Executive Development now offers affordable on-line RF safety awareness training for only $69 per student. This on-line RF safety course requires no downtime and most students finish the course in about an hour. This interactive RF safety course provides a certificate once the student successfully passes a brief test at the end of the course. The certificate can be kept on file in case of an audit.

RF safety training is key to OSHA and FCC site and site/tower worker compliance.  Singer Executive Development RF safety awareness training allows companies to meet compliance requirements and help keep employees safe for a very low cost per employee.

“The RF Safety training from Singer Executive Development makes it simple and cost effective to assure my team is compliant to OSHA training requirements. This training allows them to learn what they need about RF safety to avoid potential hazards in about an hour, from their laptop. This keeps them safe and productive. There really is not a more cost effective and efficient way to assure your team is trained on RF safety than the Singer Executive Development RF safety awareness training course” said Rhett Westerman, President, Deep South Communications.

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