Microwave Training

Microwave Radio System Training – Microwave Radio System Planning Course

Microwave Radio and Antenna System Training class provides an in-depth understanding of digital microwave radio communications systems, radios and antennas. This microwave radio training course teaches the theory and techniques your team requires for microwave radio system planning and implementation.

Microwave radio systems and networks provide reliable point-to-point communications utilized for many applications. This training class seeks to provide your team with the required knowledge and ability to successfully understand and design digital microwave systems. Engineers, technicians and managers will all benefit from this three-day microwave radio system training course. It is recommended that students attend our Microwave Antenna System Basics, Installation & Alignment course prior to this training, if possible. The course outline for this interactive microwave training is below:

Fundamentals of RF & Microwave

  • RF & microwave fundamentals
  • RF Spectrum
  • Allocation of spectrum
  • Microwave safety
  • Radio fundamentals

Transmission media

  • T1/E1 copper
  • Microwave radio
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Advantages and disadvantages of microwaveMicrowave Training
  • Microwave applications

Modulation of microwave radios

  • Transport technology options
  • PDH
  • SDH
  • Ethernet
  • Synchronization

Understanding microwave radio components

  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Branching
  • Duplexers
  • All indoor configuration
  • Split configuration
  • All outdoor configuration
  • Multiplexing

Frequency Planning

  • Frequency regulation
  • FCC rules and regulations
  • Understanding microwave frequency bands
  • Frequency channel planning
  • Polarization
  • Frequency reuse
  • Understanding Carrier-to-Interference (C/I) ratio
  • Network architecture

Microwave Antenna Basics

  • Antenna fundamentals review
  • Types of microwave antenna
  • Selecting microwave antennas

Transmission line systemsMicrowave Radio and Antenna System Training Course

  • Transmission line fundamentals
  • Coaxial cables
  • Waveguide
  • Ethernet

Microwave link planning & path engineering

  • Microwave Propagation
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Line of sight microwave
  • Digital microwave & receiver thresholds
  • Fade margins
  • Understanding interference issues
  • Frequency considerations
  • Power budget – microwave link calculations
  • Basic rules
  • The link budget
  • Systems gains and losses
  • Site Surveys
  • Dealing with obstructions
  • Diversity techniques
  • Planning case studies

Microwave system evaluation & troubleshooting

  • Performance objectives
  • Understanding digital microwave radio system testing
  • Interpreting microwave radio alarms

Wrap-up: Course review and evaluations

Why Singer Executive Development for Microwave Radio System Training?

– We are not a manufacturer or distributor, so no sales pitch, just great technical training.

– Course taught by an electrical engineer who has designed microwave antennas and microwave radio systems, with decades of experience.

– Interactive training to assure your team learns the theory and the skills required.

– Unbiased training that focuses on the facts, theory and hands-on skills, not selling you products.

The team at Singer Executive Development has decades of experience with microwave communication systems and are known for our dynamic and interactive training style. This means your team will be working with experienced engineers and trainers  that can assure knowledge and techniques are retained by your team, leading to motivated, efficient and effective employees. Trust Singer Executive Development with your microwave training needs. Check our testimonials page to see what other students have said about our microwave radio system and antenna training courses.

Microwave Radio and Antenna System Training

Microwave Radio and Antenna System Training