Line Sweeping 101: Line Sweep Training

Line sweep training – a two day, hands-on line sweeping training and certification course on performing swept-frequency and TDR/FDR testing of transmission lines used in wireless systems and networks. This line sweep training is based on currently popular test equipment, such as Anritsu. Students will learn about measuring VSWR, return loss, distance-to-fault and troubleshooting transmission lines. Students that complete the exercises and pass the final exam, which uses Anritsu equipment, will be certified for line sweeping and receive a certificate.

Line sweep training is done at your facility to minimize down time of your resources. Agenda and course outline for this line sweep training:


RF & Microwave System Basics

  • RF principles
  • Understanding VSWR and return loss

Transmission line systemsLine sweeping training & certification

  • Feed-line characteristics (impedance, attenuation, mechanical, etc.)
  • Types of feed-lines
  • Antenna system basics
  • Connectors
  • Forward and reflected energy in a transmission line
  • Swept return loss and distance-to-fault measurements
  • Typical feed-line issues (crushed, damaged, connectors, etc.)

Line sweeping fundamentals

  • Commonly utilized products
  • Understanding basic line sweeping measurements
  • Calibration and measurement exercises
  • Accessories
  • Hints & tips for effective line swept measurements
  • Measuring return loss exercises
  • Distance-to-fault exercise


Transmission line system troubleshooting

  • Line failure types and scenarios
  • Trace interpretation
  • Testing antennas, connectors and coax
  • Software tools

Exercises and exam

  • Finding shorts, opens, line damage and DTF exercises
  • Course overview
  • Final exam

Why Singer Executive Development for line sweep training?

– We are not a manufacturer or distributor, so no sales pitch, just great technical training.

– Course taught by an electrical engineer who has designed antennas and transmission lines with decades of experience.

– Interactive training to assure your team learns the theory and the skills required.

– Unbiased training that focuses on the facts, theory and hands-on skills, not selling you products.

– Certification provided for students that successfully complete the line sweeping final exam.

This course is ideal for RF techs, field techs, installers, system analysts, engineers and other team members that need to perform, or understand line sweeping.  Each student is provided with a binder of all course material. A certificate will be emailed to each student who successfully completes the course and exercises. Line sweeping 1o1 is taught by degreed electrical engineers with decades of experience with antennas and transmission line systems.  Check our testimonials page to see what other students have said about line sweeping 101 and our technical training courses.

Line Sweeping 101 – Hands-On Line Sweep Training