Business Consulting

Singer Executive Development can provide effective business consulting to our clients. We have found that during our training sessions we get to know your people and your business challenges. Using our decades of experience helping organizations improve and maximize performance, we work closely with your team to enhance efficiency and drive increases in revenue and profits. We can help your team meet your goals and obtain new levels of financial success.

Areas we have successfully helped clients with include:

  • Managing brand equity
  • Developing positioning strategies
  • Winning back former customers
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product management boot camps
  • Customer surveys and market research
  • Sales force structure optimization
  • Sales compensation programs

An outside view and perspective can be particularly useful during significant changes in your management team or industry conditions. We can offer an unbiased and experienced view of your business and offer strategic and tactical solutions to move your organization to the next level.  All of our consulting business is done professionally and confidentially.  Our approach assures that our clients are confident in and trusting of our process to work with your team to find efficient and successful solutions.