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At Singer Executive Development we provide Powerful Training for Maximized Results. We are about people, relationships and insane levels of passion, drive and motivation. We believe that these elements combined are the most important resources for developing your organization’s competitive edge. The beginning of our company story began some decades ago…

…After many years as an engineer then executive, our founder, Andy Singer, noticed there were certain core business skill sets that many executives, managers and employees require to assure peak business performance, but these skill sets where not taught in schools, or by many corporations. These critical skill sets include presentation skills, public speaking skills, negotiating skills, supervisory skills, time management and organization skills, cost reduction skills, selling on value skills and driving profitability. Andy combined his training skills, MBA and business experience to develop a set of training courses and mind set that provides for accelerated learning of these core business skill sets. Our mission at Singer Executive Development is to assure your team’s success. We utilize interactive training methods to develop and enhance key technical and business skill sets at an accelerated pace. We help your business be successful.

Andy then combined his electrical engineering degree and decades of experience in the wireless telecommunications industry to develop a high-impact series of interactive technical training classes in the RF & Microwave field. Dozens of companies have utilized our technical training expertise to motivate and train their technicians, engineers and managers across the country.

Our company can travel to your location and provide training on any of our course offerings or tailor a training to your specific needs. One day, or multiple day all inclusive packages are available that includes travel and all course materials. Singer Executive Development can also be brought in for your sales meeting to provide training in a specific area, or for motivational speaking engagements.  We don’t just train your team, we engage and motivate them to higher levels of performance.

Courses offered include:

  • Presentation ExcellenceAchieve Peak Performance!
  • Ultimate Negotiating
  • Effective Supervision ℠
  • Master of Time
  • The Art of Profitability
  • Customer Service Excellence℠
  • Product Management and Innovation Training (Product Management Boot Camp)
  • Microwave Antenna System Basics, Installation & Alignment
  • Microwave Radio System Training
  • Mobile Wireless & Cellular Communications Training
  • Basic Electronics & RF Training
  • Line Sweeping 101:Line Sweep Training

Andy Singer is the founder and President & CEO of Singer Executive Development LLC. Andy has a B.S.E.E.and M.B.A. He has extensive experience in management, operations, engineering, sales, marketing and product management. Andy has managed the successful turn-around of manufacturing companies that lead to significant improvements in operating margins, sales, return on investment, inventory turns and customer satisfaction. Andy is a well known speaker and author. He is the author of hundreds of magazine articles and is currently working on two books. He is also a syndicated columnist writing the well known weekly “Down to Business” column. Andy’s hobbies include business, investing, WWII history, wind surfing, running, weight training, karate, fishing and hunting.

Please contact Singer Executive Development and let us know how we can help your business, or how we can tailor our training to assure your team achieves peak business performance. The more successful your team is, the more successful you will be.

Powerful Training for Maximized ResultsSM